Infrastructure & Cybersecurity

Cyber security records storage

Every coin has two sides and similar is the case with technology. With the continuous advancement in technology, demerits tag along with the benefits and increased the damage of risks multifold. Keeping this thought in mind, we at Dox and Box came up with advanced technologies and systems to keep building on our infrastructure and simultaneously keep cyber threats at bay. Our Internet security team has professionals and experts always on the lookout for new and ongoing cyber threats to find ways of countering them and protect the valuable data and records of our clients.

We have a highly developed infrastructure that ensures proper counterattack the cyber threats through identification and improvisation of the existing systems. Cybersecurity is one of the growing concerns in today's time to prevent information loss and sabotage by cyber attacks. You need to be fully aware of the threats and risks of cyberattacks and how they can be combated before you being to develop any systems or technology. Few protocols in place for us at Dox and Box are:

  • Adequate and proper training of staff to completely understand the risks involved with cyberattacks.
  • Complete training of the staff on combat methods for records and data protection, such as malware detection software, malicious application removal, anti-key logger technology, etc.
  • Multi Scanning of records and data to avoid the unrequited transfer of data and eliminate sabotage.

Instant access and complete visibility along with proper management of information and data play a huge role in the timely identification of any data breach. Proper infrastructure and high-end cybersecurity technologies play a huge role in combating any attempts of sabotage through cyber-attacks. Quick access to records and data helps in the best management and keeps a check on cybersecurity updates. Dox and Box have in place the best of technologies like IOT enabled systems to protect and secure your data. Deploying multiple levels of defense will eventually increase your ability to protect your infrastructure from malicious activities.


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