FMCG and retail markets generate huge volumes of physical data on a day to day basis. The records and data from the FMCG sector consist of confidential and sensitive information related to their organization and customers at the same time. Storage and preservation of such a large amount of records need money, storage space which puts more burden on the entrepreneurs in the sector.

The quantitative amount of data increases with every passing day and allows an increase in demand for storage facilities. The net price of real estate for urban storage facilities has always been on the rise and regular up-gradation of the same is next to impossible even for millionaires. It is considered wise to outsource your records management needs to third party services as it eliminates the burden of physical data management and also provides a chance to rejuvenate your office space.

Speed and Security

FMCG companies as per their inherited nature, are bound to generate a huge amount of physical and electronic data. All sorts of commercial records, from bills and invoices for daily transactions, account books, consumer lists, and employee lists and all this needs to be stored and managed in a systematic way to protect them from all sorts of internal mismanagement and external sabotage attempts.

Here at Dox and Box, we have an advanced system of records management and storage facilities that ensure the topmost security and safety of your documents. All our storage facilities are rigged with LASER beam Detectors and 24*7 manual and CCTV surveillance, password-protected media vault, besides being blast-proof, and water-resistant to preserve your electronic storage devices.

Optimal management and efficiency

Optimum performance and regular growth for a company in the FMCG sector depends entirely on

  • Quick and effective decision making
  • Reliable supply chain management

Smartly designed and built data management systems will allow the organization to have direct access to their physical and electronic records even if they are stored in secure offsite facilities. Instant access to records and data helps with Quick and faster decisions making in emergency, supply & delivery situations, simply without concerning the higher authorities.

Secure Shredding

Today the information is considered to be highly valuable even above gold or money. We as a records management company strive to provide our clients with complete solutions to their data management requirements and destruction woes. Secure document destruction will allow you to be safe from exploitation, data breach, identity thefts, and sabotage.

Secure document destruction is necessary to save your organization's vital information along with other records and data. Secure shredding of records can help an organization reduce costs on physical storage.

We at Dox and Box have state of the art secure shredding, destruction, and disposal systems to shred your confidential records into unrecognizable remains. Understanding the importance of data and records destruction, we have devised a simple, zero hassle and cost-effective destruction techniques to allow you permanent destruction of confidential data and records in a safe secure manner.

What We can do for you in the FMCG sector:

  • Ensure back up of critical and non-critical records and data
  • Reduce the burden on IT staff
  • Eliminate the risk of sabotage and identity theft
  • Highly reliable and affordable tape backup options
  • Offsite records storage to maximize the area use for revenue generation

Our solutions enable organizations to have better control over their records and the protection of valuable information. Our experts work very closely with the client's team to understand their needs and requirements and accordingly customize our strategies that take into account future challenges and deliver solutions anywhere anytime.

With Dox and Box, you can protect sensitive and confidential information which includes customer credit card numbers, employee records, and inventory data with cost-effective solutions, automated online backup services, featuring encrypted backup,data vaulting and rapid online recovery of lost or damaged files. With Dox and Box, you can plant and implement a great program for records storage, access and disposal to ensure compliance with your corporate records retention program.

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