Law firms deal with the highly sensitive data and it is a challenge for them to preserve the records and keep them secure. It is a data-extensive industry which is constantly encountered with a copious amount of data such as legal files, client documents, judgements, and many more.Dox and Box is a data management solution which offers record management services for legal firms. We provide the service to categorise the highly prioritised data and assure complete data privacy. Our record management service offers complete data storage facilities, helps to protect the confidential data and also provide independent access to records and documents.

With the help of skilled Legal expertise, Dox and Box offer state-of-art solutions to our clients. Data security is one of the major aspects for legal associates as the retention period of documents is from 8 years to 20 years or more, which is regulated by the Registrar of Companies and National Legal Security Authority. We provide the best data management services to our clients and ensures the data handling of legal cases,documents and judgements in a secured way. Here, we provide a wide range of tailor-made document management services which are thoughtfully designed to serve the purpose of legal firms.

Dox and Box offer data management services to customers while maintaining the right balance of managing the information such as confidential client files, employees records, financial records, or other data and making the information available in just one-click. We are the best choice for those who seek a perfect solution for end to end record handling facility. The data management in an appropriate way can provide several benefits to the legal firms and law associates such as:

  • Structure storage of records
  • Easy access to documents
  • Streamline the security aspects of documents
  • Keep easy track of case assignment among employees
  • Web-based access to data enhances the productivity
  • Secure offline file handling

We offer well-designed services which help in facing industry challenges and enhances the business value propositions of the legal firms.

Record Management Solutions

Legal firms require a leak-proof and secure system to store the data and we provide proficient services to legal associates. The service comprises a secure data storing service in easily accessible and retrievable formats. At Dox and Box, our clients can get comprehensive document storage solutions which help in maintaining industry-specific records. With the help of our services, law firms can also archive their documents which are dynamic in nature. Our record management solutions comprise a wide range of services which can be tailored as per the organization needs and requirements. The data management services are:

  • Online Record Management Services.
  • Physical Document Storage Services.
  • Document Digitization Services.
  • Instant Record Retrieval Services.
  • High Definition Document scanning.
  • Media Vault Storage.
  • Secure Document Shredding.

Speed and Security

At Dox and Box, legal and law firms can get assistance from experts and trained professionals which helps them in managing data and records and legal documents of client. We provide a complete solution for record data management which helps in increasing the efficiency. With our services, our clients can reduce real estate footprints and on-site records. Data digitization is also a prominent service offered by us. We convert the offline data into online records and then preserve the information. It helps in reducing the space occupied by data and also enhances the security which also improves record accessibility. Space can be refurbished and reused which was earlier used for data storage. The information management service assures 100% data security and also ensures no breach in information with the safe disposal of legal documents.

Optimal Management and Efficiency

Dox and Box offer a wide array of tailor-made services for law firms to deal with sensitive client data which requires the highest security. The service comprises the storage, protection, and preservation of highly prioritized commercial and business records. Our company also ensures scanning, easy accessibility, and digitization of records. Clients can retrieve those records in a safe, secure, and time-bound manner. One of the major benefits of data management service is the easy access and retrieval of the stored data. The digital transformation of data the efficiency of law firms enhances and focuses on core business processes increases. These services also make the process streamlined and improve agility due to better access to information.


With Dox and Box, our legal and law firm clients can get effective and secure shredding solutions. The secure destruction of data and records is among the major aspects of data handling. The process of disposing of information is a part of an information management strategy. We understand the importance of keeping confidential data such as messages, records, magnetic media, and documents out of unwanted hands. We ensure no breach in information and safe disposal of legal evidence and records that are no longer required.

We provide on-site & off-site data destruction facility. In the presence of officials, our experienced technicians destroy the documents and records in a secured way which cannot be restored, reused, and recovered in any circumstance. We deliver hassle-free, effective, and eco-friendly shredding solutions to our clients.

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