"Securely Destroy your vital records for good"

Since an organization's records are highly vital and sensitive, basic destruction like throwing them away is not considered enough. The records need to be properly destroyed once and for all.

Secure document destruction is required to protect and safeguard your company's vital information as well as other records and data. Record shredding can reduce the costs of physical storage to preserve the information which is no longer required. Document destruction can help you to comply with rules and regulations to help you avoid penalties fines and legal action. We have state of the art data destruction and disposal systems to shred your confidential records into unrecognizable remains. Understanding the importance of data and records destruction, we have devised a simple, zero hassle and cost effective destruction techniques to allow you a permanent destruction of confidential data and records in a safe secured manner.

Benefits of Document Destruction

  • Dependable, economical and customer oriented document destruction
  • Completely safe and environment friendly disposition
  • 100% accountability with document custody chain
  • Confidential , no questions asked records destruction
  • On-demand & off-site shredding services.

Our Objective

Our aim as records management organization is to provide our clients with 360 degree solutions to all their records and data management and destruction woes. Secure document destruction will allow you to be safe from exploitation, data breach, identity thefts and sabotage.

In today's time, information is the new oil. All organizations, no matter which sector, big or small has to adapt to procedures and methods to organize and protect their critical corporate data from getting lost, hacked or mishandled.

Primary objective of Dox and Box team is to provide their clients with a proper solution for their issues that guarantees safety, is trustworthy and irreversible. We have developed and built our document destruction facilities wherein we destroy your sensitive but unworthy records in to distorted pieces of paper which have no means to be recycled and used as in their previous form. This will enable you to protect your organization from all kinds of sabotage and mismanagement.

Secure Offsite Shredding

Offsite document destruction is a viable and trustworthy method for bulk shredding requirements to be used for a constant demand of huge volumes of records and data destruction. If your organization metes out enormous amount of data in papers and old records which requires destruction on constant and urgent basis, offsite document destructions is the most viable option for you.

  • Best in Class record and document destruction techniques
  • Secure and eco-friendly methods for disposition of shredded records
  • Complete and secure data destruction with zero scope of recycle and mismanagement
  • 100% accountability with documented chain of custody.

Secure Onsite Shredding

At Dox and Box we understand the vital importance of secure document and data destruction along with the need for integrity in the entire process. Along with secure offsite shredding services, we also provide an on demand onsite document destruction and shredding services. We have built on this service to meet the regular and immediate demand of clients for shredding purposes. We have a vast network of trained professionals on the team and best in class technology and machines to help us out for onsite but confidential document shredding services, tailored to suit your individual needs and requirements. Major advantages of our onsite shredding services are mentioned here.

  • Instant destruction of your records in your presence
  • Time bound destruction as and when you demand
  • 100% accountability with complete transparency
  • Permanent data destruction to comply with state rules and regulations

Secure Tape and Media Destruction

With digital age kicking in faster than anticipated, physical records are getting obliterated and making way for digital modes of data storage and preservation. With new means of storage, required are new and advanced means of destruction as well. We have developed on significant techniques and technologies for secure tape and media destruction. We ensure to destroy all types of electronic media such as hard drive, CD's portable disk drives and other digital means with zero chances of recycling and completely eco-friendly.


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