Financial Services including government and private businesses and the finance & Banking Industry thrive on unlocking value information speedily and securely daily. The challenges are increased with enormous information growth. Financial businesses, it is a time-consuming process to be able to track and invest massive amounts of data from a multitude of vendors. Plus staying efficient with increased compliant regulation, heightened customer service demands and expectations, and accessing info in the required timeframe. Also, protection from external threats is much required to safeguard from online data breach and sabotage, further inviting high costs and risks with associated litigation, legal suits.

We at Dox and Box guarantee you a 100% security to your sensitive data assets with the provision of instant accessibility. If you are linked with the banking and financial sector we will provide you with a perfect storage environment and infrastructure to keep your confidential matter safe and preserved including:

  • Paper Records like bond papers, wills, banking documents, mortgages
  • Electronic records like retail accounts plus transfers
  • Commercial account and credit account files
  • Signature cards
  • HR files

We can aid you in managing the information lifecycle from its creation to its disposal. We provide you an integrated solution that includes Off-site document storage and management with high security for quick and easy record retrieval. We also Scan and digitize your financial assets and sensitive information records to speed up your information access in a secure manner. We provide compliant solutions for your sensitive tape and data storage. Our environment controlled vaults will keep your Tape and Data backup preserved and safe.

Need for Digitization

We at Dox and Box help Financial Services to create a paperless environment with the mass conversion of records and documents into digital format. Most of the business correspondence happens through digital exchange to speed up processes. Financial institutions and businesses face challenge in accessing valuable business-related information that is stored in an unclassified and unstructured way in silos. This only puts forth hindrance in the workflow process with manpower engagement in unnecessary tasks to retrieve information that further slows down all other important business processes.

We at Dox and Box will help your financial firm to transform digitally for storage of sensitive and critical data in an organized and systemized and secure manner for its archival, and instant retrieval, to speed-up business flow.

Secure and Safe disposal of Documents and Records at Dox and Box

We provide systematic secure monitored shredding services to complete the lifecycle of your sensitive documents that are not required anymore. The entire process is executed with proper documentation reports for our clients in our offsite facilities.

Financial services and banking firms face severe challenges and regulations in the auditing of IT asset destruction and disposal sphere. They have to adhere to contractual and legal obligations to safeguard their clients’ sensitive and critical data residing in their servers ranging from investment account records, credit card numbers, and transactional data.

They have to comply with an array of Federal financial services protocols like the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Bank Secrecy Act, FACTA Disposal Rule, Patriot Act of 2002, Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act, and PCI Data Security Standard.

We at Dox and Box provide Compliant, Secure, End-to-End, and Auditable Process. The constantly changing technologies need IT asset management including migrating and refreshing hardware, upgrading, storage devices including hardware to ensure speedy and secure access of your sensitive data in Dox and Box’s leak-proof custody.

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