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"What's in the cloud always remains in the cloud"

It is always said, never to step out of your house without a backup plan. In an event that your primary plan fails or hits an iceberg, you should have the power to continue without keeping any back. Keeping this in mind, the strength and the backbone of an organization lies in its years’ worth of valuable records and data so it also deserves backup and something which can be quickly access and prone to destruction.

All the types of documents your organization produces be it physical records, back-up tapes, DVD Magnetic tapes, portable disks, hard drives, and other digital media on a cloud backup storage. Data and records stored on cloud storage are prone to virus attacks, external disasters and no organization is in a place to lose valuable data.

Cloud storage is now being widely used as a secure way of storing data and should be important for anyone who takes their data protection seriously. In case of the worst possible scenario, your organization will be back up on its feet within a few hours.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

  • Hassle-Free Management - Easy access and management to all your documents from the ease of your office premises
  • Audit Trail - Fully documented step by step audit and custody trail
  • Business Streamlining - Cloud storage helps to bump up the efficiencies and improve sharing and access and bring consistency to your ways of working
  • Fully Compliant - Online management helps you control the data, rather than the other way round
  • Demonstrable Security - Show your customers that their documents are safe with you

Object Storage

We also provide object storage facilities for our clients. We can secure and store any type of objects which need care and preservation. We have state of the art systems in place to effectively store all types of data, be it is physical, digital, art books or historical documents in an environmentally controlled space to ensure longer preservation. Object storage facilities are highly secure with password protection, constant CCTV monitoring, moisture-resistant steel, and blast-proof material, multi-layer security arrangements and laser beam detectors.

Secure Offline Storage

Security and safety of all, no matter stored in physical storage or cloud storage is of prime importance. We at Dox and Box some of the offline storage solutions to offer our clients for long time preservation of their valuable data and records.Our services are very affordable and we take care of everything in records and data management. Along with effective management, we offer segregation and indexing of your files to ensure quick access. Dox and Box has the best and state of the art highly Secured Off Site Record Management facilities. In the vent of no use of certain documents and records, we have the option to securly destruct them with no chances of reversal, recycle or sabotage.

secured off-site record

Management facilities. In the vent of no use of certain documents and records, we have the option to secure destruct them with no chance of reversal, recycle, and sabotage.

Data Replication

Data replication in other words is a copy or back up of data created to safeguard your business in an event of fire, virus attacks, external disaster, and any other incidents of sabotage. There is an excellent software available with unlimited physical storage space to manage and store all your data. We at Dox and Box are your one-stop solution for all the record management needs. We can provide you document digitization, data replication, storage, management, preservation, and secure data destruction. Data replication and cloud storage can go a long way to preserve your data and save your business in the worst-case scenario.


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