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One of the most dynamic sectors and a backbone to many vital industries, the telecom sector needs to constantly keep a move with rapid technology advancements. The sector needs to ensure to constantly innovate, upgrade their infrastructure and offer state of the art solutions to their customers In the time of digital data breaching and hacking, it is necessary to have a secure record management system which protects the sensitive data and preserve it. However, it is also essential to maintain the right balance in-between conserving the data by providing the relevant information in just one click.

Dox and Box offer data management services to customers who seek a perfect solution for their offline, online, and digital records. India owns the second-largest telecommunication market in the world. This dynamic sector is the backbone of many vital industrial verticals. It is a data-profound industry which is constantly encountered with a large proportion of data such as KYC documents, financial documents, employee records, and many more. Telecom service providers constantly need to upgrade their infrastructure which participates in increasing the data at a fast pace. Data management and its handling is a major issue for the companies as the retention period of telecom records is of a minimum of 8 years, which is regulated by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

With the help of highly experienced professionals, Dox and Box offer state-of-art solutions to our clients. We provide the best data management solutions to our clients which provides the data handling of sensitive records in a hassle-free manner. Here, we provide a wide range of customized record management services which are meticulously designed to serve the purpose of telecom giants. The information management in a proper way can provide several benefits to the company such as:

  • High level of security of data and records
  • Easy accessibility of information.
  • Reduce problem resolution time.
  • Infrastructure optimization.
  • Easily cater to the demand of customers.

At Dox and Box, telecom companies can get assistance which helps them in managing customer service, infrastructure setup, and human resource effortlessly. We provide a complete solution for record data management which comprises data storage, records digitization, vault storage, and secure shredding.

Services Offered

Dox and Box offer a wide array of record management services which are meticulously designed for the clients. Telecom industry deals with sensitive client data which requires the highest security. We, at Dox and Box, provide special services to access that data, based on specific internal and regulatory needs. Companies are moving towards paperless storage and we offer document digitization services. One of the major benefits of data management service is the easy access and retrieval of the stored data. The services offered by us include:

  • Upgrading hard-copies to digital formats with the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR).
  • Digital Scanning & Imaging
  • Secure vault for long-term data protection.
  • Physical and digital warehouses for secure and safe storage of data.
  • Tracking and preserving data which provides information through 24/7 portals.
  • As per the guidelines of TRAI and DOT, compliance and regulations will be enforced on the records.
  • Storage mechanisms with the environment control will be provided to stop the ageing of documents.
  • Multi-layered electronic security to prevent data breaching and hacking.

Secure Shredding

Most identity theft and fraud can be tied to paper information which majorly includes stolen paper mails, fraudulent changes to address and in worse cases information taken from garbage. Trash is considered to be a public property and wrecking information like this can be fatal for any organization.

Document shredding is not only important for security and cyber security reasons, it's also the law. Currently there are several compliances & regulations which mandate organizations to safeguard all private information regarding employees and customers. It becomes even more imperative for organizations to not only take care of the records but also must destroy all confidential and outdated business information. It is crucial to protect your business by securely shredding any document that no longer requires storage.

Below are few facts you should know about document shredding services at Dox and Box:

  • We use one of the most advanced document shredding machines produce paper pieces measuring a mere 3 mm x 9 mm
  • Shredding isn't just for paper. We offer shredding services which also shred and dispose of your hard drives & other magnetic tapes. Other shredders can shred through rubber bands, staples, binder clips, and hanging file folders
  • Under secured document destruction we eliminate time consuming in-house document disposal tasks that eat away at productivity and revenue generation
  • Outsourcing your shredding is cost effective: When you consider employee wages and benefits, then factor in depreciation and maintenance costs on the equipment.
  • You will want a Certificate of Destruction from your shredding company, because that will ensure that your sensitive documents were completely destroyed, according to the highest standards in the industry.

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