Exploration, extraction of oil and natural resources is a lengthy, highly complicated, and data extensive task that generates huge amounts of vital and sensitive corporate physical data. All sorts of public sector organizations deal with a gigantic amount of records and documents with an immense amount of economic and legal repercussions.

Owing to a large amount of data that is also critical and sensitive in nature, proper storage and management of the same become highly necessary. All the information and records need to be stored and protected in a much more safe, secure, and organized manner, hence designing a smart data management structure is inevitable.

Creation and management of data storage and preservation infrastructure can be very costly as the technology to be used like heavy paper shredding machines, laser-based scanning devices need to be the best in the industry.

Keeping the challenges in mind of the public sector enterprises, Dox and Box solutions for records management can ensure the protection of data, increase efficiency, and reduce the risk of managing physical and digital data. We can help you manage:

  • Staff - Reduce the load of low-value work from your employees and let them focus on core roles with professionals managing your records and data.
  • Management - Poor Management of records and information allows sabotage from external and internal sources, with Dox and Box we build proper processes of document management to ensure consistency across all departments.
  • Real Estate - Physical data management and storage eats up a lot of valuable office space. We provide you with highly secure offsite storage facilities for the relocation of records and ensure compliance at all levels.

Public Sector enterprises are highly dependent on their records and data for day to day functioning, which makes storage, protection, and organization of the gigantic amount of data more important. Smart and cost-effective solutions that promise quick access and re-harnessing of data, is the need of the hour. Dox and Box team for records management consists of professionals and experts in the sector of Oil, Gas, and Energy to ensure secure storage of confidential data. Our solutions ensure analyzation and synchronization of sensitive and vital huge stockpiles of corporate data especially to strategize and derive the future exploration and production patterns of oil fields.

Dox and Box proves to be a one-stop solution for all records and data management needs as our services incorporate the best, modern, and advance facilities of document and data management. We ensure to provide you with temperature and moisture controlled document storage facilities, RFID based physical storage system, Password-protected electronic vaults, Laser-based scanning, and above all a fast data retrieval and document shredding process.

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