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The Human Resources department of an organization is the most negligent department yet the most valuable one. A high amount of data and records related to all employees and critical processes of an organization is generated in this department. Most time of HR employees is wasted in the effective management of a huge pile of physical data and prevents them from focusing on critically strategic responsibilities

Use workflow automation for all EHRO department requirements and focus on a ready-now workforce, not processing employment documents. The automated Workflow in EHRO allows you to :

  • Store and manage employee records from a centralized repository.
  • Categorized selective access to EHRO records with quick and instant access
  • Seamless dashboard to real-time monitoring and gain powerful insights
  • Generate and share quantitative data about HR processes
  • Automation of legal guidelines and updates from reputed law firms
  • Auto scanning and identification of documents ready for disposition and disposed documents
  • Automated disposition of documents as per their date of expiry in accordance with legal retention guidelines

Workflow Automation helps with:

Employee On-boarding

A growing business has an increasing inflow of new employees and contractors on board which increases the strain on employees and stretches timelines by crazy. The on-Boarding process of employees needs to be smooth, efficient, and modern to have a positive impact on the new joiners and this is where workflow automation helps.

With the automation of the On-Boarding workflow, an organization will be able to manage all employee-related information and data through a central repository. It can help you to bring Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) together. You can effectively manage all the records and information with a simple click of a button. You can have new-hire information in packets with the help of an online portal where new employees can self-serve, completing the required forms, and uploading the required documentation.

Policy and Procedures

Organization policy and procedures are very important and every employee has to have complete knowledge about it and follow it to the core. With a growing organization, it is difficult to track if all the new hires and existing employees have read the important policies and procedures, signed the acknowledgment can be hard. Manual dependency for such tasks can be tedious and risky. You can never be 100% certain if all the employees are on board that all employees complete the task and to locate the incomplete files is a more cumbersome task.

The automation process of EHRO facilities helps to manage employee management and notification for new/existing policies and procedures which require their acknowledgment. Each employee gets access to self serve portals, reviewing new updates and guidelines from time to time and, handing in their acknowledgment at a time that is convenient for them, from wherever they are located.

Employee Relations

Employee Management is not always a bed of roses for an organization. Each day has its own set of employee complaints, grievances, any violations, misconducts, and documenting each one of them at the same pace becomes unstructured and inconsistent. Arising out of this is employee discontent which can lead to financial risk when issues are escalated to litigation. It also becomes challenging to present an accurate picture, to the higher management.

Workflow automation with EHRO gives you access to a seamless dashboard that lets you identify the issues by type, department, employee, etc, and access it with higher visibility to track and manage case progress, resolution timelines, and resolve bottlenecks. Automation procedure allows identification of reports to report to higher management. You’ll also have an auditable trail of actions and dates, with the names of those involved, and documentation of the policies and procedures that were followed.

Employee Separation

Similar to the employee on-boarding and new hire training, employee separation also has many levels and heavy documentation to deal with. Clearances from all departments, no pending stuff from either end or manual tracking and management of all the tasks is a tedious cumbersome and has huge risks of errors.

Workflow automation helps you to manage all the steps of employee separation through a centralized and seamless dashboard. Using the self serve portal, employees will be able to mark off all the acknowledgments and clearances as required. On point tracking for each employee as the file would not move forward even if one step is incomplete. The automation of EHRO facilities fully eliminates the risk of errors and poor management.

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