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Digital Records Center


Big clutters of paper and other media data can be a task, especially to browse, store, and maintain in a secure place. Imagine if all your physical information can be scanned and kept in an electronic repository that makes your records instantly available. This is where Dox and Box come in. Our secure Digital Records Centre lets you collect, access, and format all the digital files of your original paper/media documents. Not only that, but these records are also fully secure from unauthorized users with control access in the hands of your company. By converting to digitized records, you eliminate the risk of a data breach, increase working efficiency, and find better peace of mind with an easier location.

Digital Transformation

With sharp competition every day, it is important to find a new way of working by reinventing businesses. Your company’s effectual performance can be hindered by outdated operating models that also impede growth. Dox and Box provide digital transformation services for transforming your business and operational models into a completely digitized version. With this modernization, we ensure the most efficient experience that matches industry standards. Our digital transformation will help you close the gap between the physical and digital world with solutions like cloud storage, workflow automation, data and imaging restoration, and migration services.

Backfile Conversion

With Dox and Box behind you, you can go ahead with a well-organized and time-efficient strategy for creating a digitized version of paper & media records. This has plentiful advantages such as easy sharing, time and money-saving, agile accessibility, and protection of vital records. However, converting all documents can be a time-consuming task. With Backfile conversion, we create document libraries for your business that uses high-speed scanning to convert vital documents into digital images that are stored in the library. With this method, the experts at Dox and Box ensure document retention compliance 24/7.

Day Forward Scanning

During the crossover period during which your organization is going digital, you will be left with both paper and digital documents. We at Dox and Box want to work with you to eliminate paper records onwards of a fixed date. With this method of day-forward scanning, all new records will be scanned and indexed directly from our facility so you no longer have to keep paper records. These records will be available as imaged documents in the Digital Records Centre for quick access and all existing paper gets shredded. Security and efficiency – what we promise for your modernized business

On-Demand Image

We provide a pay-as-you-go model of image scanning on demand to minimize costs for you. Our experts at Dox and Box will securely save all your physical documents at our facility. We understand that you might not need a digitized library of all your documents, hence we provide the option of selecting the documents you’d like to image. The process includes retrieval from a secure facility, document preparation, scan, and upload to our management system portal for ease of access by the client.

Document Digitization

Storing and maintaining an inventory of paper documents can be a big hassle. With the technology available at your fingertips, it is the natural step to go paperless. Our document digitization services are tailored for best quality document management with easy but controlled accessibility. A systematic tracking method makes for the perfect retrieval system. With document digitization, you secure your past, present, and future from any mishandling and exposure. Convert to a digitized version immediately, this is the path for significant cost savings for you and your company.

How are we helpful to your business?

We believe in creating a sea of change for the better. With digital transformation, our experts can change the functioning of your company by creating new paradigms for consumer engagement. Be it healthcare or fintech, the ability to securely share electronic information amongst staff and clients is convenient. Not only that, it induces greater trust. We strongly believe that with the help of our digitization services, everyone will be able to focus more on the important tasks at hand instead of decluttering files, paperwork, and unnecessary media. Every company wants the highest productivity, so let us help you achieve that.

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