Work towards managing the accounts of a client while he generates more and more business for them to be taken care of. As a records management company, we step in to help the audit and CA firms for records management of their clients.

All types of business regardless of size and sector would always be in possession of audit trail to be tracked to be to the last smallest purchase and also would need a CA to keep things and other financial requirements in order. With the every passing year, the document pileup for every client is bound to grow exponentially and with a limited scope of destruction owing to the nature of the document

What Dox and Box has to offer Accounting and Audit firms?

We have rated as one of the best data management organization pan India it is our mission to help our clients breathe through their humongous amount of data and records. Our services can provide you:

  • Unlimited physical storage for accounting records
  • Secure storage and long time preservation
  • Long time document retention with strict adherence to legal compliances
  • Document digitization of old, permanent & current audit files.
  • Secure Record & document management system
  • On-demand secure shredding and document disposition
  • Instant record retrieval solutions
  • Secure media vaults
  • For longer preservation
  • Record management software for direct access & fast browsing
  • Door to door records delivery & document destruction services

Dox and Box have been rated as one of the best data management organizations by our clients and other private & public sector companies in India. We have the most advanced technologies in place, offer customizable services as per the needs and requirements of the clients, secure offsite and onsite storage facilities, on-demand document digitization, unlimited physical storage, instant access to documents, on-demand record retrieval, and secure shredding and dispositions of records.

Secure Offsite Storage facilities help in better management, increase in efficiency of employees and the organization, avoid and completely eliminate risks, rejuvenate office space, and improve records accessibility

With the growth of technology, everyone is required to be fast and on their tips, and our document digitization services are designed to help clients with exactly that. By digitizing records and leveraging the cloud, Audit and CA firms increase efficiency and expect better management and growth. As you migrate to a digital way of working, you can focus on core business processes and better leverage your technology investments. These services will enable an organization to be fast in their operations owing to quick access and better use of information, increase efficiency with streamlined processes and manage information growth and scale on-demand

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Our worldwide presence ensures the timeless, cost efficiency compliance adherence required to ensure your production timelines are met.

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