Vital Records Storage


There is an ever-increasing need to create space for vital records storage. Every company, from financial to pharmaceutical, has its own set of irreplaceable vital information that needs confidential storage. This has led to a demand for secure and trustworthy management systems. At Dox and Box, we provide secure storage space for vital records that are necessary for the successful operation of a company or entity, and also facilities to scan, access, and digitize your records. Our own web portal lets you access the information with ease with the help of RIFD tracking labels that are classified using your own terminology. For our team at Dox and Box, security is first and foremost in vital records storage. Be it perimeters, interior, fire-safe construction, and other environmental concerns that can harm your off-site records, we have got you covered.

Off-Site Records Storage

Why should you opt for offsite records storage with Dox and Box? The data generated by your company is valuable, but it can also be bulky and inconvenient. With offsite-records storage, all your archived documents that are taking up space are handed over in the hands of professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to keep documents secure. However, off-site storage is not limited to offline data. You will have electronic access for quick viewing, which is far simpler than retrieval through endless files.

Secure Facilities

Your most valuable assets, from patents, contracts, records, or photographs are ensured to be in safe hands. Dox and box is the most experienced provider of vital records protection services. We protect your sensitive data from risks with the help of environmental-degradation proof storage units. Thus, your data can withstand all man-made and natural disasters with the best security and safety practices. Our secure facilities and confidential online portal system have measures to eliminate cyber-security attacks and data breaches with utmost precision.

Open Shelf File Storage

With boxes of files with archived data sitting in your company, there is a chance of breach of security without constant surveillance. Our solution to you is an open shelf file storage system with Dox and Box. Especially useful for medical, insurance, and legal companies, you can sort active files systematically and assigned with RIFD tags with our Management database. After that, all maintenance, retrievals, and drop filing are in the hands of our expertly trained staffWith the help of this system, you can access shelves of files similar to what you have in the office, but with the comfort of methodical and secure open shelf file storage at Dox and Box..

Tape Vaulting

Any business or organization is prone to disaster hits. Hence, it is important to have back-up sets of essential data in case of such unfortunate events. Dox and Box are the best in the business for secure tape vaulting at a site away from the primary infrastructure. Why should you consider tape vaulting? The answer is simple. With any erroneous deletions or file corruption issues, we provide a way to retrieve your data for you from our facilities. The tape vaulting is done in a way that is recommended by the manufacturer with optimal temperature and humidity. We also ensure any loss and damage to the media.

How are we helpful to your business?

Our experts at Dox and Box understand the importance of a logical and coherent system for data storage. In this age of technological boom, any kind of data breach causes harm to brand reputation and customer loyalty. This is where we come in. We help your business to protect, store, and retrieve all kinds of valuable data with 100% assured security from physical and cyber breaches.

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