Digitize your records with Dox and Box

"Digitization is the new future towards increased efficiency and productivity"

Physical records eating up into valuable space of your office. Physical records are very hard to deal with on a everyday basis, it requires immense amount of space, manpower and high maintenance which takes a toll on your budget as well. The problem in dealing and managing physical records can have adverse effects on your business like, low efficiency and productivity, budget issues, mismanagement and sabotage and severe harm to your documents. Get access to the best of document digitization services from Dox and Box and we will help you vanish that huge stockpile of files and records all the while paving way for seamless access retrieval and distribution of these records with safety and security.

Dox and Box is an emerging leader in the field of records management and aims to provide their clients with an all round solution for document digitization, file conversion, data archives, document imaging and Document Scanning Services.

Benefits of Document Digitization

  • Easy storage and preservation for digital files
  • Easy to copy and store in multiple locations
  • Quick access and easily retrievable
  • Safe from natural calamities
  • No requirement of additional physical storage

What sort of files we deal with?

We deal in various sectors of the industry and also manage various different kinds of documents as per the requirement of the industry. We deal with medical records, financial records, historical documents, legal documents, insurance documents, property, vital and high profile corporate documents, client databases, Survey details, Manufacturing Design, Blueprints, Newspapers, magazines, posters, pamphlets, foldouts & plat books.

Our systems are designed to provide the right conditions for each type of documents to ensure their optimum preservation as required for a long period of time.

Scanning & Digital Services

Scanning and digitization of documents is the upcoming future of data and records management. Here at Dox and Box, we have the best technologies and state of the art scanning services meant to help organizations deal with the huge stockpile of documents and records in a very easy and productive manner. We have the best in class document imaging technological equipments, such as flatbed, hand-held, over-head & LASER Scanners.


Data Archiving

Physical records management pose numerous problems and they are also prone to damage by fire, moisture, pests and other deteriorating environmental conditions. Data archive technologies are the solution to all of these issues. Conversion of documents and records in digital files to be stored in cloud storage making them impervious to any sabotage and destruction. Archived data has another benefit of quick access through a single username and password.


Retrieval & Quick Access

Document digitization and management is a procedure consisting of various steps. Documents are collected from the client's premises, scanned and saved in the optimum format as image. With the OCR and ICR techniques, indexing and segregation of documents is done for easy storage and preservation, As a result of these above steps, retrieval and quick access to any document at given stage of time. We also do complete QA analysis and deliver error free files and documents you through our FTP servers or by using the external hard drive, CD or DVDs.


Secure Digital Conversion

The team of Dox and Box has developed complete proficiency in the arena of file conversion & document digitization. We help our clients to convert their vital and important documents in desired digital formats.

We can convert files and records in different formats like .TXT, .HTML, .XML, .PDF, .DOC, .XLS, .DOCX, .XLSX, .GIF, .JPEG, .TIFF, and also make it cost effective. We use OCR (optical character recognition) & ICR (intelligent character recognition) techniques to convert images to text files, post which the final files are re-examined by proofreaders, just before converting them into your desired formats.


On Call Digitization

Need to convert physical documents and data in digital files but don't have the time to visit our facilities. No issues, we are 24*7 available over call to solve each of issue you have with the document digitization and scanning. Give a call today to get your documents scanned and stored.


Digital Mail Services

Digitization has become the key to survival in today's time. With work from home becoming the new reality, organizations are dealing with fresh issues of hacking or data sabotage while sending and receiving physical mails. Cope up with these issues through digital mailroom services of Dox and Box. Our digital mail services comprises of opening of incoming mail, segregation of content into required repository, classification and indexing of documents and auto scanning and routing to specified recipients.


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