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Data Hosting

Data Hosting in simple words means providing adequate server space for storage, management, and preservation of sensitive and vital records and data just like a host. Many records management organizations provide their clients with software and server space for record management and data hosting.

We at Dox and Box provide you with the records digitization services to reduce the load of physical data on your office space. Our services can be customized according to your requirements and cost-effective to suit your budget. We have the best in class technologies and facilities set up in place to store and retain your documents. Different documents need different preservation methods, based on type and preservation timelines. We manage records and information in the most effective, cost-efficient, and legally compliant manner.

Digitization & Data Processing

Nearly all businesses, regardless of size or industry, are drowning with their unstructured physical records and data, paper documents with a 24*7 risk to sabotage and mismanagement.

Dox and Box are committed to providing customized document digitization and data processing to convert all unstructured information all into useful, accessible, and searchable information. We ensure our clients focus on their core business while we organize your digital content, scan, and capture paper documents, and deliver the real-time data needed for analytics and strategic decision making.

Customer On-Boarding

A growing organization always has new customers and clients lined up and the initial documentation work for the on-boarding is necessary, document-heavy, and tedious. We have devised technologies and facilities that will make customer on-boarding the most seamless process ever. You can manage every piece of information with the use of a dashboard having quick and instant access anywhere. The complete on-boarding process will be self serve and digital hence reducing redundancy and low work value dissatisfaction amongst the staff.

Contracts Management

With proper use of AR automation, you will be able to bridge a link between all the documentation related to billing transactions and collections. It also allows you to have access to the central repository of information to track and manage.

Liability/assets processing

An organization produces loads of data in their lifetime and while it is considered to be the backbone of the business, not every data and string of information is important throughout the lifecycle. Our technologically advanced software helps you to identify and sort the liability and assets amongst the years old of information. We have excellent document disposition and destruction systems in place with no chance of reversal.

Mailroom Services

Covid-19 has introduced us to a new virtual reality and new work from culture. Keeping the security threats in mind, the complete access of office suite cannot be provided to employees at home which includes regular and complete access to emails. It very important that your mail isn’t sitting during this time of crisis and you end up missing important tasks and reminders so we have a fixed solution to this.

Our Emergency Digital Mailroom service allows organizations to access critical mail on their servers. Central access to mails, remote access for employees, and improvement in information governance, security, and privacy are the digital mailroom services at Dox and Box.

Shared services for SCM, Travel, HR, Finance

We cater to various industries and have excellent and technologically advanced solutions and facilities in place to help you solve any type of issues you face with records and data management. We can work around providing shared services for SCM, Travel, HR, Finance sectors at a single point of time.

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