Records Management Easy as Breathing

"Guardians in disguise for vital data and records"

We strive to provide complete physical records and data storage solutions. If document management solutions are used to their full capacity it can easily help an organization to increase and build on their efficiencies with increased productivity. We have customized cost effective solutions for each of our clients which easily suit their budget and requirement. Our aim is to let an organization have the best and unlimited physical document storage, state of the art security with instant document retrieval anytime anywhere. We have built our systems with the highest of technological advancements, best of innovations, offsite document management, highly secure storage facilities all just in the highest interest of our clients.

  • Collection and storage of vital records
  • Systematic segregation of documents
  • Unlimited physical storage
  • Cost Effective and customized records management
  • Highly secure offsite storage facilities
  • Specialized vault storage with category level access

Our Role?

We as your records management organization help you at each cycle of document management and preservation. We start with packaging of your vital records in highly secure and safe cartons which are then transported to our highly secure state of the art offsite storage facilities. The entire process of document management and movement is done by our team of experts and we also ensure to sort the document at the same time. We manage all kinds of documents, be it legal, vital corporate records, confidential financial records and much more.

The primary agenda for us at dox and box is giving our clients a customized control on their huge stock of records throughout their life cycle from creation to destruction. Dox and Box will become a one stop solution for your records management, secure storage and fast retrieval of your stored information

Secure Warehousing Storage

Once the sorting and packaging of documents is completed, we transport the vital records to our highly secure offsite warehouses. Once the document boxes reach the warehouse, the sorting and segregation procedure for a seamless inventory management begans. The segregation process consist of file by file bar-coding and indexing to ease with quick access and then securely stored.


Records Bar-coding & Indexing

All the documents and files are provided with a unique file-reference no. (Bar Code ID), handwritten copy of which will be stored in our highly advanced and automated management systems for easy tracking, seamless inventory management and quick and instant retrieval. Our systems and softwares are updated and advanced to ensure reliable and secure document management.


Quick Access

Our procedure of records and data management is meant to ease the process of document management for the client. Dox and Box is committed to provide seamless and secure document management and quick retrieval process. Our procedures are highly customized to suit the needs of our clients so your methods of document management do not suffer much with the technological changes.


Vital Records Storage

Any organization be it small or big, has years worth of sensitive and confidential data. All such vital records and documents have high chances of being mishandled over the course of time owing to less secure storage and awareness. The primary purpose for us at dox and box is to provide a 360 degree solution to your documents and data management related woes. We deal in storage, segregation and highest security of historical, legal and fiscal value, in a much more safe, secure and organized way.


Emergency Response storage & delivery

We at Dox and Box are always ready to help you any issues you face with document and records management. We have a quick response 24*7 available team to help you with any issues you might face with the data management software's we also provide you with emergency storage facilities and delivery if needed. Our delivery services are highly secure just like our document management systems with all items and all vehicles being tracked at all times.


Records Storage Boxes

Environmental and storage conditions play a huge role in safety, preservation and security of documents over long periods of time. Our storage boxes and cartons used in the process of document management are impervious to decomposition, damage, degradation over long time periods. Our record storage boxes go a long way in secure preservation of your vital & confidential records, data and documents.


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