Workflow Automation in records management


Workflow Automation is another name for streamlining your workflow for increased efficiency and better management. The automation procedure systematically makes way for organizational workflow and make it more effective and efficient. Workflow Automation eliminates the tedious administrative work and lets organizations key in on for higher-value work, faster processing, and increased accuracy.

At Dox and Box, we have the best in class technology in place for each and every solution in the space of records management. Increased accuracy, more time to work, streamlining business processes, you name it and we have excellent solutions for you to meet any of the critical organizational goals.

The need for Workflow automation is that helps to automate back-office work and reduce the burden on your IT Department. Workflow automation also helps to reduce operating costs and eliminate capital investment.

Services under Workflow Automation

Accounts Payable

Automation of Accounts Payable (AP) lets an organization expand its control and visibility to actively monitor and track payable accounts to improve monthly financial closing. AP automation allows you to track and index invoices of all purchases with a seamless dashboard. This solution is meant to eliminate the excessive use of paper and the onus of low-value work on your staff. Workflow automation for accounts payable will let you have more time on your hands, shorten the processing cycle, and eliminate errors.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable is a very document-heavy procedure and automation of the same with the use of a seamless dashboard lets and organization have faster and highly accurate monthly closings.

The automation dashboard provides better controls and higher visibility as every single piece of information needed for fast and accurate management can be accessed selectively from this single source. Just like AP automation, AR automation will reduce your IT burden, eliminate capital investment but will let you have better demand access to your financial documents, and improve your financial monthly closings.

With proper use of AR automation, you will be able to bridge a link between all the documentation related to billing transactions and collections. It also allows you to have access to the central repository of information to track and manage.

Contracts Management

Get complete control and track of your contract lifecycle with the use of workflow automation. With the automation, you can import your contracts in the central repository and selectively provide access to the ones in charge and control sabotage, track and manage any changes in real-time, and set up automatic reminders to renew expiring contracts.

Automation of contract management increases the turnaround speed and allows the organization to streamline, collaborate to better management of existing contracts, and development of a new contract.

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