Small and medium enterprises have a cut-throat competition to deal with along with the administrative issues of the business. Mismanagement of sensitive records can cost huge amounts of money to small enterprises and even pose the risk of throwing them out of the competition.

We have been rated as one of the best records management companies in the nation, hence you can blindly trust us with your vital business records just like many other small and medium enterprises like you have done.

We are striving each day to provide advanced technologies and cost-effective solutions for information and records management solutions to assist small & medium class businesses to store, preserve, and protect their vital records. Effective Records and data management services help small businesses to re-accelerate their organizational workflow and operational efficiency.

Ever since we started our operations, we have ensured to provide the best in class and highly successful solutions to various small and medium enterprises in India. We take pride to say that we are a trusted partner to many small and medium businesses like you and provided them with customized record management services, including, secure storage, data protection, instant access, quick retrieval & record accessibility, and fully secure paper shredding and data destruction services.

Our solutions for catering the records management requirement for the SME's sector are listed below

  • Unlimited Physical storage & high data security
  • Environment controlled storage facilities for records preservation
  • On-demand data archiving
  • Document bar-coding for seamless indexing and searching
  • Digitization of data to reduce dependency on the physical storage
  • On-Demand instant record scanning for instant and quick data retrieval
  • Secure and safe vault storage
  • Secure and highly advanced document shredding

Speed and Security

Our records management services for SME's offer the best solutions for records and data management. We have to offer highly secure records storage and preservation facilities both on-site and off-site. Our existing clients are proud about the speed of our services, be it document digitization, scanning, retrieval destruction, and disposition. Our storage facilities have the most advanced security technologies to protect your documents such as constant CCTV monitoring, laser beam detectors, remote offsite locations, and much more.

Optimal Management and Efficiency

Our services are designed and be customized according to your needs for optimal management and efficiency. We ensure to take the burden of records and information management off your hands entirely and manage the same with the best technologies and solutions which promise to increase the efficiency of your organization.

Secure Shredding

Just as storage and preservation of documents are important, so is destruction and disposition. We have the most advanced document destruction facilities. Our document destruction facilities comprise of advanced and secure shredding techniques which make document and data reversal impossible and hence eliminating any chance of sabotage or mismanagement.

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Dedicated Customer Teams & Agile Services

Our worldwide presence ensures the timeless, cost efficiency compliance adherence required to ensure your production timelines are met.

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