Preserve your records and data with Dox and Box vault storage

"Categorized access can save you from destruction and sabotage"

In an era, where privacy personal or professional has become a moot concept and none of our information & records are safe at home, physical storage components or even cloud backups. Physical records are prone to damage, being lost, stolen or mishandled and same can be with hard drives and data backups to fire moisture, man-made and natural threats.

Cloud data is also vulnerable to threats out of human control such as hardware malfunctioning, software issues and sabotage, which makes it highly essential to find a viable alternative solutions. The options need to fulfill the criteria of quick access even in difficult calamities situations.

Keeping all these challenges in mind, we at Dox and Box have developed state of art vault storage systems to ensure impenetrable data breach and quick access. We provide huge range of solutions for clients seeking storage solutions with 100% security, easy and quick retrieval, also helping to keep a realistic check on your organizational goals.

Need for Vault Storage

Why the need for vault storage is the most important question to be answered while you considering investing money and storing your vital records and document s in our vault storage facilities. We provide vault storage facilities to store, protect and organize your data in hard drives, CD's and back tapes in a very secure environment and available for quick access in times of disasters. The need for vault storage systems are explained here:

  • Increase the infrastructure of your data security
  • Moisture safe vault media storage
  • Impermeable fire resistant and blast proof material for vault storage
  • Eliminate all possibilities of cyber espionage, hacking and identity thefts
  • Disaster proof storage mechanisms
  • Options to preserve all types of data and records

Offsite Tape Vaulting

Trust and integrity are very factors in vault storage for data and records. Many electronic devices out there are highly prone to sudden electronic decay, permanent damage and atrophied data degradation with mishandling and inadequate vault management facilities. In order to eliminate these risks, you can opt for storing valuable storage tapes in our remote offsite facilities. Offsite Tape Vaulting services allow protection and preservation of sensitive electronic data for longer time periods. Advantages of offsite tape vaulting are listed below.

  • Customized environmental control mechanism for data preservation
  • Secure document storage dust and dirt removal facilities.
  • Offsite vaults can store digital and analog media with multi layer security system

Inventory Audit

Auditing is defined as the process of conducting pre-checks or verifying records & documents and ensure they are fairly accounted for. Inventory audit is important to maintain highest level of transparency between the client and their records management organization.

Owing to sensitive and confidential nature of records and documents, there is high risk of sabotage and manipulation by either side. Insiders can make mistakes or intentionally alter information and our auditing process ensures that these mistakes are prevented. We at Dox and Box perform a mandate inventory audit for all your files and records before transporting them for storage at our remote offsite facilities. The importance of inventory audit helps both parties to know the accurate details of the records, its quality & condition to see whether the value of the inventory is fairly represented.

Special Vault Storage

Special vault storages are meant to store large amount of vital and sensitive records and data stored in electronic media such as magnetic tapes, hard drives, CD's and portable hard drives, historical documents in environmental controlled environment to ensure longer preservation. Customized storage vaults are electronically operated and protected by passwords, and are made with moisture resistant steel and blast proof material. Documents and records in special vault storage have multi layer security arrangements, such as laser beam detectors and CCTV cameras. Customized vault management services, embedded with an optimal data-preservation mechanism are important to protect your data and vital information from unprecedented risks and minimizing your document management cost.


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