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Dox and Box is an information management solutions provider. We are the preferred choice for inclusive documents and record management services. We at Dox and Box provide highly secure offsite physical storage facilities, safe information retrieval, onsite digitization, data archival services, and offsite monitored and documented process of data and records destruction services.

The healthcare and pharmaceutical companies face data breaches in many forms- including medical identity theft committed from criminal hackers or unauthorized view of patient medical records. We at Dox and Box understand your concerns and requirements and provide the best services for document management techniques and solutions. We will help you manage inclusive documents and records from data storage facilities to retrieving of information securely and shredding data without any leakages.

You needn’t struggle any further to put together the unclassified and unstructured information and can utilize the digital data to its optimum level securely. We at Dox and Box India will archive your prioritized documents maintaining a 100% privacy and security of your data. Your data will be accessible at your fingertips 24*7, with our state of art infrastructure security system.

Our frequently updated file management systems are designed to systematically store, secure, preserve your prioritized business and commercial documents in conditioned physical or (and) digital environments. We further provide cost-effective, secure, timely facilities like:

  • RMS- Record Management Services
  • Online Document Storage Services
  • Instantaneous Record Retrieval Services
  • High Definition Scanning of Documents
  • Media Vault Storage
  • Secured Document Destruction

The Challenge

Data breaches and loss of documents have proven to be very costly to Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Providers. They include the HIPAA fines, compliant costs, and loss of reputation that may translate to a loss of patients. It is highly imperative for your organization to store its physical data and existing digital data safely and yet have it accessible immediately.

Challenges faced in Physical Data Preservation

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Providers face the challenge of managing data growth along with storing it for long term use for compliance, preservation, or even value creation. On the other hand, even if your organization considers storing the physically sensitive data assets in off-site facilities, then the accompanying challenge is speedy and effective retrieval of your data assets. And all these efforts take time and additional manpower. So how would your organization reduce the downtime and yet lessen the backup complexity to preserve data?

Challenges faced in the Existing Digital Data Preservation

One of the biggest challenges that Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Providers face is being able to secure sensitive digital data from ransomware. Furthermore retaining data amidst the daily risk of cyber-attacks is another great problem.

Strategic Data Management and IT Governance

We at Dox and Box have multiple solutions to preserve your sensitive physical data assets.

Physical Storage:

If your Pharmaceuticals or Healthcare Provider organization has specialized requirements as securing large volumes of sensitive materials and records that require special environmental conditioning we will create a private dedicated storage vault for your specifications. We provide exceptional security with armed guards and 24*7 monitoring with the assistance of cutting-edge technology.

The dedicated vaults include features as:

  • Climate controlled storage that maintains environmental and humidity control specifications
  • Isolated vault storage for sensitive material as mixed media and film to avoid cross-contamination
  • Our facilities provide intense protection from fire, high flood, disaster risk, or earthquake.

Converting Physical Data into digital data storage system

The solution to storing and preserving your organization’s sensitive physical data assets are Strategic Data Management and IT Governance, which together are the Foundation to Unlocking Data Value. You will be able to secure and preserve your physical data into digital format with our data archival services. Your digitized data will be systematically stored for your immediate retrieval requirements. Furthermore, you need not worry about cyber data theft and ransomware.You can securely store your sensitive data assets for backup, disaster recovery, or archival requirements. Our cloud storage is designed for storage solutions that fit your specific requirement We will modernize and systemize your current data management strategy and help you better protect, preserve, and further unlock your sensitive data to its full value.

  • We provide management of the Data lifecycle for your short-term or long-term retention requirements.
  • We also provide data migration services
  • Your highly sensitive tape data can be archived in cloud model which will be accessible to you at just a click away

Medical Records & Film Storage

You can rely on Dox and Box to protect your sensitive business information to environment-sensitive pathology specimens. You can securely store your highly sensitive information assets at Dox and Box’s offsite extremely secure, state-of-the-art facilities. If you face a disaster, you can rest assured that your vital information lies safely at Dox and Box's highly systemized, offsite storage, which is secure and recoverable.

We at Dox and Box are equipped to store and manage a broad array of health information that includes your sensitive medical records, cine films, radiology films, pathology slides, fetal monitor strips, and paraffin blocks. Your highly sensitive data assets remain safe and preserved within our highly secured state-of-the-art facilities with suitable environmental conditioning. Storing your critical data assets at Dox and Box secure offsite will lessen the demands on your staff. Simultaneously, you will have round-the-clock-access and rapid service to your highly sensitive business and clinical files. You can feel confident that your records are deposited in secured record centers that provide auditable workflows.

Furthermore, Dox and Box make your request for your highly sensitive assets easy with the provision of our high-security online portal.

Medical Record Shredding

We provide Offsite shredding services that are secure, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly. Our offsite paper shredding is the best solution for organizations that need continuous, verified destruction of confidential and sensitive documents. Being an efficacious information management company Dox and Box follows the best practices of shredding documents and records. We as custodians of your highly sensitive documents handle the process in a well-documented and tightly controlled manner.

Our Shredding Process

We are accountable for your highly sensitive medical records from the moment our driver picks up your material to the point of final destruction. The documents are brought to our highly controlled plant with high security with complete documentation of the entire shredding process.The shredding process is screened by highly trained professional employees.

  • Secure Process:   The entire process is documented which includes barcode scanning, the capture of the container volume, electronic signature, and precise time with date and stamp.
  • Verified Process:   We at Dox and Box issue a certificate of destruction that documents the destruction of your highly valuable records.
  • Recycled:   Shredded records are recycled in a secure and environmentally friendly way.
  • Responsive:   Procedure and Trend reports enable you to monitor and convince you of a fully optimized shred program of your records at Dox and Box.

Release of Information

The healthcare providers constantly face the demand for Release of Information ROI. It is a complicated, risky, and resource-intense process. It becomes impossible to perform the task in the given timeframe as it may include pulling out info from various EMR systems or transferring records to other facilities. Above all, it becomes hard to dedicate staff members to a time-consuming task of ROI.

We at Dox and Box provide time-efficient, cost-efficient, and simplified Release of Information solutions that do not interfere with your in-house operations.

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