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There is a reason why in the last few years a lot of importance has been given to documents management and document storage. We all understand the importance of storing critical and important records and data for the sake of relevant analysis and findings, and at the same time, we realize how challenging it becomes to store them all in a way that they can be kept safe.

With a number of companies switching to cloud-based document storage solutions, one necessarily thinks whether it is even possible or the right option to still stick to self-storing documents physically. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the risks involved in self-storing documents.

Destructive Damage: No matter how safely you feel you have kept your documents at the office, there are always chances of some form of destruction. In-office due to the use of electronic equipment the chances of fire are alarmingly high and this puts a risk to the document storage done in house. Over time even the components like moisture and humidity have a set impact on the quality of the documents that are stored. Fireproofing and waterproofing is a mandate when document management is being done by self.

Breach of Security: One of the biggest advantages that people get with cloud-based document storage solutions is the enhanced security from all possible threats. People who choose to opt for self digital storage often are still prone to a number of cyber-attacks that may lead to a breach of data security protocols. This typically means that opting for self-storage doesn’t give complete protection and security.

Loss of Data: Document storage and document management is not a task that is easy to achieve and maintain. When storing data physically it becomes a task to find it at the time when it is needed, and the same goes for digital data that is self stored in different locations. In the case of self-storing loss of data is as damaging as when there is some form of destruction. Sensitive data that goes missing causes damage that can’t be repaired, which is why the loss of data is something that can’t be afforded.

Document destruction: It is a given that all documents have a life cycle during which it is necessary to have them kept safe.  However, as important as it is to keep them safe, another aspect is to have them destroyed when the time comes. Unwanted documents that no longer need document storage need to be dealt with in a proper manner so that they are completely destroyed. Simply throwing them in the bin is not the right way to go about it.

There is nothing wrong in deciding to self-store documents, however, engaging the services of a document management company that gives you all the options such as cloud-based document storage solutions is the best way of ensuring that your records and data are safe and secure.


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