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A proper archiving strategy is a must for every business regardless of its size. However, as the business grows the document management strategy also needs to be evolved. While the traditional mixture of file and paper storage has been in continuation, its visibility comes forth as a strategy having its own limitations. Again, the legal requirements for document storage might not even tally with this procedure. Not just this, but in case if the document is lost (which is again not uncommon) the retrieval is quite a task, and even accessing a document becomes a bit challenging among the mess. 77% of Business Owners Want to Be Able to Access Files remotely and about “83% of Knowledge Workers Lose Time to Versioning Issues, Every Day”

With electronic alternatives in demand, the disadvantages of the typical paper or file tray method of document storage have become all the more pronounced. Let us look at a few drawbacks of this classical method:

Messy: With more documents being stored every day, it is difficult to locate and gain access to a particular document in times of need. It a messy job to locate the file servers and folder separately each time as a result of which is elevated the percentage of manual filing.

Loss of time and focus: Since employees have to devote a considerable portion of their time each time to manually filing these documents, it takes away their focus from the areas which are more significant.

Confusing and prone to losses: It is true that 25% of enterprise documents are misplaced and will never be located. As the document goes on making rounds in various hands, nobody knows who is processing it at the moment. 

Hindered work progress: Due to this perpetual sense of confusion, employees lose a track of time and the overall objectives suffer a setback. 

Fraud and less transparency: Some documents might not be made accessible to colleagues deliberately. 

Occupies more space: Storage is an entirely physical concept in this classic method. On average, each document is copied 2-3 times. As it increases in volume, the need for storage shelves and workstations also increases. 

Poor customer service: If the internal functioning is slowed down due to the lack of a proper storage strategy, the customer service is bound to suffer. Snapped communication is common with employees unable to provide detailed information and there is no track of data transfer too.

Is there a way out?

In today’s world where technology has taken precedence in almost every walk of life, your data storage should not fall behind. Organizations are in excessive need of data storage that can handle the data efficiently and keep it secure from any sort of breach. There is a need for a solution that can make the retrieval easier, eliminate data mismanagement, provide greater visibility and transparency, and take up less space. This will automatically make the other processes faster, rendering your employees enough time to focus on areas of vital importance.

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