By Dox & Box


Legal & Law firms have complex and sensitive data. They have information about uncountable people which keeps on increasing every day. It is very difficult for them to keep the data arranged and secured in a physical manner because this data cannot be piled and kept in the almirah. The data are continuously tracked and updated.

Hence, it is necessary to find an alternative and move on to innovative ways of recording data. Dot & Box provides the most efficient way of storing your data.

Important features of document management systems increase the importance of electronic documents -

(1) the ability to freeze a document so that it cannot be changed and

(2) an audit trail so that any changes or actions to a document are recorded in the database.

It is a notable record, data, and asset supervision, and management organization. We help organizations store and manage data and assets along with streamlining their workflows. We aspire to provide our clients with technology-driven records management solutions for law firms. We provide the service to categorize the highly prioritized data and assure complete data privacy.

The majority of work done in law firms is document-focused. Pleadings, contracts, leases, deposition transcripts — all client/matter work in progress must be readily accessible. We provide a wide range of custom-made document management services which are purposely made to serve the purpose of legal firms requirement.

For those who are seeking a perfect solution for end to end record handling facility, . The secure destruction of data and records is among the major aspects of data handling. The process of disposing of information is a part of an information management strategy. We understand the importance of keeping confidential data such as messages, records, magnetic media, and documents out of unwanted hands. We ensure no breach in information and safe disposal of legal evidence and records that are no longer required.

We provide on-site & off-site data destruction facilities. In the presence of officials, our experienced technicians destroy the documents and records in a secured way that cannot be restored, reused, and recovered in any circumstance.


There are numerous factors to consider when selecting the right document management software for your organization. For legal firms, particular attention should be paid to ease of use, speed of implementation, document version control, anytime anywhere access, a secure and scalable document repository, and efficient storage capabilities.


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