By Dox & Box


When you talk about accounting and CA firms, they probably generate maximum data that needs to be managed. Dox & Box is primarily a record and data management company that helps accounting firms audit and store all their account records for their clients. 

Records and data management services for accounting firms play a very crucial role in helping accounting firms store and analyze all their past data and information. Dox & Box caters to accounting firms irrespective of the size and amount of business that they generate, which primarily means that at some point of time the past data will have to be tracked and audited. As more auditing work is done, these accounting firms pile up on more records and data that needs to be stored and kept safe. 

Being one of the most well-known records and data management services for accounting firms, Dox and Box offer the best services through which you can safeguard and keep all your data using the best of technology. Our main aim is to offer the best way to store piles of data in the most effective way possible. Some of the services that we offer to account firms to help store their financial data and records are:

*  Plenty of physical storage space for accounting records 
*  Secure and safe long time storage and preservation 
*  availability for long time document retention 
*  Digital documentation of all old records and data 
*  A thorough record and document management system 
*  On request secure shredding and document disposition 
*  Instant access to all the stored data and records 
*  Secure media vaults

With data and records becoming the most crucial, major accounting firms are turning to records and data management services that can help them by storing the huge amounts of data on the cloud. The best part of most records and data management services for accounting firms is that they offer customized options based on the volume of data and records that need to be stored. 

Storing data at an offsite storage facility helps in managing the records and data a little better and increases the work efficiency of the team members as well. With technology taking over almost all fields and niches, it was only time until when the companies offering data and record management services went digital too. 

By agreeing to take the services of records and data management services for law firms any accounting firm can give better services to their existing clients who now expect that all their data and financial records be stored in a way that is completely secure and can be accessed whenever the need may be. In return doing this helps the major accounting firms speed their processes and make it more streamlined and structured. 

Thus relying on the accurate services of records and data management companies is the best way of going forward for any accounting firm that is looking to give their customers the best. 


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