By Dox & Box


Record management software in India is slowly becoming quite a competitive market. When one conducts a simple search on the internet for a list of record management services in Gurgaon, there are close to 100 players already. This search result clearly indicates that there are a number of key record management services in Gurgaon. 

When it comes to actually choosing the right record management services in Gurgaon, there are a number of things that you first need to check. The first question that a consumer needs to ask these record storing companies is the focus of their company. What is the size of their team and what sort of customer support do they provide once a sale is complete. 

As easy as it is finding options for record management services in Gurgaon, it becomes equally challenging sourcing the right one.  Which is why questions like these should be asked before you hand them your data and other confidential records. Off all the record management services present in Gurgaon, one that has made a name for itself is Dox & Box. 

With more and more companies like the healthcare industry and the financial sectors like accounting generating tons of data, it has become increasingly difficult to store it in a way that is safe and secure. This major need got addressed by Dox & Box because it offered all this and more. Ranked as one of the pioneers in the record management services in Gurgaon, Dox & Box has strategized a unique way through which it stores and safeguards data.

The best unique selling point for Dox & Box is that it offers customized document storing options based on your business type and size. This makes it comparatively easy for organizations to entrust them with all their data. Most record management services in Gurgaon have the tendency of attracting customers to them and once they get the money, the aftersale customer service is pathetic. At Dox & Box, you are assured to get around the clock customer service. 

What makes Dox & Box a more attractive deal is the global quality standards that they stick to along with offering an integrated cloud storage system which makes it easier to store all digital records that are easy to access as and when needed. They have onboard with them a team of experts who have immense knowledge about the data and record management sector. 

If you and your organization need an accountable record management services in Gurgaon, end your search with Dox & Box. Your one-stop destination for all your record and data storage needs, backed by the best technology equipped by the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud storage data management facilities and personified infrastructure and cybersecurity. 

Keep all your important data and records safe from cyberattacks and yet have the liberty to access it as and when they are needed. What’s more is that with the help of Dox & Box you also get the added feature of destroying old data when the need may arise. 


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