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Digitization and technology are growing each day and walking hand in hand with them is not a piece of cake and anyone and everyone needs to be on pace with the same. Digitization of records is very important for efficient data-management digitization of the existing records serve an excellent purpose for seamless information management. Medical Professionals, especially, need to consider the benefits that digital records bring in. Read more to know the reasons you need medical records scanning.

1. Access and Storage- 

Storage of patient storage and charts can be a tiresome process with space and storage issues, active and inactive patients sorting, misfiled records and physical management of data.  Electronic Medical Records systems can scan and upload the existing records and data, and makes it easy to access them quickly, always store them correctly, and not have to find space to house them.

2. Cost Savings Over Time-

Physical documents, especially medical records are very personal to individuals owing to the sensitive nature of information which can pose a legal risk and hence to be protected.  EMR implementation will investment on various fronts as you will need less personnel to manage your records, less space to store them, and less security to protect them.

3. Security-

Cloud hosting and EMR encrypts files and store on offsite servers which can be accessed only through a secure and unique login. This high level of security keeps out unauthorized individuals and can track exactly who has logged on with their unique ID and what they did. To preserve the integrity of documents, you can also lock them and prevent future edits or duplication. It’s quite simply the best security your records could have. With multiple copies saved and backed up, you can rest assured that even during natural disasters or surprise power outages, your files will remain safe.

4. Accuracy and Readability -

We all the jokes around the ineligible doctors writing, mistaking a few letters to be unable to decipher a complete scribble. Electronic medical records that are typed in perfectly legible font assure an easy and accurate read for anyone trying to understand the information.

Keeping all the above factors in mind, there is no reason you should wait to go forward with the digitization of medical records. It adds to your HIPAA compliance best practices, reduces costs, increases security, improves accuracy, and, most importantly; makes the lives of you and your patients easier.


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