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All businesses, small or big, rely on stored records and information. The days when emails were enough to share files across as attachments are gone. These days, even the documents that we share or store are richer in quality and larger in size, thus, asking for better processing. 

When it comes to large businesses, they have the resources and the manpower to have large custom-built proprietary software. They can also afford a team of technical people to operate them; however, it is not the same when it comes to small businesses. 

The alternative for small businesses is to manage digital storage and sharing across multiple platforms. Online file storage and file sharing across platforms can be done with a team of people who have a basic understanding of the work and a little bit about computers. 

These systems offer a flexible approach to the situation as file-sharing websites are gaining popularity. These websites offer a secure and convenient platform to businesses looking for file sharing and storage services. 

Why use online file storage methods?

Working from home has made sharing documents a necessary process. However, syncing, file storage, and sharing services are also a major part of document sharing these days. From local storage to remote storage, computers have come a long way. These days, server-based storage and processing are gaining a lot of importance.

Also called cloud services, it is not just a platform to dump your documents. These servers are capable of providing a lot of other facilities that local storage systems cannot because they were not designed to do so. 

These have added features like multi-user versioning, inline editing, flexibility to operate, and most importantly, they allow the integration of other applications’ data as well. They allow real-time document co-editing that is beneficial for employees, especially in the ongoing work environment. 

What can cloud services do for your small business

A cloud network is bedrock to developing an online working environment that allows for hybrid online collaborative working space. These services help build an advanced workflow ecosystem and increase the reliability of businesses. 

Media playing, device syncing, and being the only required collaboration software, these cloud computing services have incredible features that can help increase the efficiency of workflow. 

They offer online backup services in cases of any damage to the original files and documents. The file copy saved in the cloud can be recovered anytime as they are free from any damage that might occur to the disks, etc. 

With the added advantage of syncing, you can decide which files or folders you want to be stored in the backup. Easy and immediate access to the cloud-stored files is not the paramount reason; however, the peace of mind that comes from the feeling that all your files are secure at a place is incomparable. 

You can also tweak the cloud computing systems into a document management system, and ensure streamlined flow and management of the documents in the workspace. The customizability in terms of employees being able to use versioning to edit the documents together is another advantage.

Storage and sharing - 

Storage capacity is no longer the primary concern of buyers when they are looking for online document storing services. Overall space storage is now easily available at an affordable price. Most cloud services providers already give the provision of generous storage amounts, and thus, this is no longer the differentiator between the service provider. 

However, file sharing is the new concept that everyone’s on the lookout for. How and who all can access your files is a major concern for both the employees and the service providers. Sharing data should allow for syncing across devices and clients. Some kind of desktop-based software should be installed that ensures that local files are synced across the cloud servers. 

Sharing, syncing, and managing documents on mobile devices is another issue that needs the attention of buyers. Syncing works differently for mobiles and desktops, therefore, it is essential to check if your cloud service provider caters to mobile clients or not. Security and user access will also be different for both, thus the credentials and certifications for both should be checked in advance. 

The associated third-party apps and their interfaces should also be considered to see how the team folders and data operate in them. How these user groups and folders appear and how they can be controlled is essential to understand beforehand. 

There is a great discrepancy in the breadth of services that each cloud computing service provider can provide; however, with the appropriate amount of research and analysis, you can figure out what suits your business and team well.

Dox and Box is one such cloud computing service provider that appropriately customizes a plan according to your business needs. With extremely detailed features, high-level security, and compliance with all required regulations, our services are incomparable and one of the best. 

Lastly, planning is the key. Having in-depth discussions with your team, IT employees, and a representative from the cloud service provider can help you gain informative insights into what suits you best. 


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