By Dox & Box


Confidentiality and safety have got a face and name, Dox and Box is a Gurugram based company that mainly provides highly secure services for data storage and records management solutions. They aim to provide the best services for businesses of various industries that can depend on for their records management and storage. With uniqueness as their USB, Dox and Box are a one of a kind company with an impeccable hands-on board with them.

They provide a lot of services with the highest technological advancements, innovations, offsite document management, highly secured storage facilities. They are known to provide off-site data storages to government agencies and all kinds of businesses, large, medium and small. Understanding the importance of the records and documents plus their availability in numbers, they provide storing of such records off-site considering the workplaces are not well equipped for storing archived records.

Not only does it help in mitigation of the risks and concerns of the in-house mismanagement of data but also enables your legal retention obligations by storing them off-site.

Off-site storage is also beneficial for safety during any crisis. The storage warehouses and facilities are securely located in safer areas ensuring that your data is safely and securely stored but never out of your reach. The data could vary from physical documentation of all financial, legal, medical, general business and operational paperwork.

For the records management in healthcare sector, they ensure customised control on the acute stock of records in the life cycle of creation and destruction. It comes as a boon for healthcare sectors as these sectors include a lot of documents archives. Dox and box protect confidential business information and store these acids at the box in boxes off-site storage for health care which is secure and easily recoverable. They are adept to store and manage a vast assembling of health information which can include the medical records of several films, pathological slides, fetal monitor strips, paraffin blocks etc. A lesser workload on the workers and round the clock access in rapid services to the files, dox and box make your storage and accessibility easier.

The healthcare sectors demand the release of information instantly with complicated resource-intense processes and hence to make their work easier time-efficient and cost-efficient which simplified ROI solutions dox and box are paving the way for the sectors.

Understanding the complications that affect the healthcare sectors document storage such as data breaches and loss of documents that may lead to fines, loss of reputation and expenses, Dox and Box aims to make it easier and sufficient for them.


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