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Why do people lose data? In the age of internet, technology and gadgets, the most valuable asset has become the data. It goes without saying that all people these days have important information and records storage somewhere on their smart gadgets. Time and again we keep hearing our offices reiterate the importance of backing up all that we have worked on. Most of the times we don’t understand the need to have a copy of everything that we work on, and that is why we put the thought of taking a backup on the back seat.

But, in the event that this does happen, there are major chances of data getting lost. Let us take a look at some of the key reasons why people lose data in the first place.

When you are working on computers and laptops or even your smartphones, there could be several things that go wrong. Your systems may crash, there may be a theft of the device or worst of all there could be a malware. This just goes to prove the fact that data loss can happen at any point in time and due to any reason.

Humans are prone to errors and the other big reason why you may suffer data loss is when you accidentally delete some important files. Along with this, there is also that risk when you accidentally drop water on your device or worst set it on fire.  The chances of this happening are higher than you can think, after all, it only takes a few clicks and a single mistake to accidentally delete something that wasn’t meant to be deleted.

Computers are our lifesavers but these computers are also fryable. The riskiest part of the computer is the hard drive which has the maximum tendency to break down. Since there is no predicting when a hard drive may crash it is always the best to take a back up of all important data.

Along with the controllable errors, there are those that you have no control over as well. In the case when there is a power failure or sudden voltage fluctuations, the damage on the device you use is immense. When you act responsibly and take regular backup of all the data, you safeguard yourself from all the challenges that you might face in the event that you lose them.

When you are dealing with software, another thing you are prone to is viruses. It does not take time to get that dreaded message of virus attack because it can infect your hardware almost instantly. All it takes is opening that one spam email and all your data will disappear.

There are a number of reasons why people lose data, but just one answer in how they can avoid doing the same. Choosing to backup all data online on a protected server or cloud storage is the only way of keeping all the information secure.


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