By Dox & Box


The data is something present in excess, highly important and difficult to manage, a problem faced by every working sector from the government to private based organisations. Dox and Box are here to help you with just that. These disguised guardians aim to protect and secure your valuable and vital data and records and store them in an effective and customized manner for timeless and easy accessibility. Making records management as easy as shredding a piece of paper.

Their main aim is to provide the organizations with the best and unlimited storage of physical documents, Security and an instant document retrieval system. The systems are built with the best technology and innovations to come in handy for the clients. They collect and store the vital records and segregate the documents systematically segregate the documents, with unlimited storage physical storage of the paperwork, cost-effective solutions and customised records management, Secured storage facilities, and specialized vault storage and category level access. They aim to provide a one-stop solution for all your requirements.

They start by sorting and packing up the documents and segregate them for easy access in their warehouses and initiate the management's process. The segregation process includes the file by file barcoding and indexing of the documents for easy securing and quick access. All the documents and the files are provided with a unique identification no. and file code with an ID, Indexed and stored in the highly advanced and automated systems along with their handwritten counterparts. With quick Indexing and retrieval services in records management, Dox and Box aim to ease the process of document management for the clients.

Storing of documents and organising them is a huge task, and not to forget would require plenty of physical as well as virtual space, also environmental and storage conditions play a very big role in preserving the documents and could affect them over time, Providing you just the required services such that no harm could be imposed your way.

All the vital records and documents storage are properly handled and given proper management every once in a while, for all kinds of firms, big or small. Dox and Box strive to bring storage, segregation, and highest security, safely, secured and in an organised manner. They are always available to help their clients with a quick response team available 24*7 at their expense and services beyond satisfaction.


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