By Dox & Box


Today maintaining physical records of your business has become impossible. All the businesses are shifting their management of documents via agencies that guarantee a hundred percent data security, sufficient workspace, quick operating efficiency, and improved productivity, along with a total guarantee of the less cost of document management.

Dox and Box can help you get out of these problems. It will help you supervision your assets, and data. The biggest advantage is that this process will help you manage your organization in a simplified way. We aspire to provide our clients with technology-driven records management solutions. Technology always makes your work systematic and gives easy access for modifications. We provide you with the most secured platform which reduces the company’s biggest barrier which is the time barrier.

The process of off-site records management has gained popularity. Have you ever thought if your on-site documents get misplaced or someone just steals your confidential data. Your company has to then face a heavy loss. Most of the companies now are investing in offsite server storage for records management so that they have the ultimate relaxation of accessing data when needed with the satisfaction that it will be safe and secure.

We always strive to accommodate complete data storage solutions. We believe that If document management solutions are used in the best of their state it can help the company work with efficiency to their full capacity.

Management of records helps you to get customized cost-effective solutions that easily accommodate your resources and demand. We at Dox and Box aim to let an organization have the best and unlimited physical document storage, state of the art security with instant document retrieval anytime anywhere. This system is made with the highest of technological advancements, best of innovations, offsite document management, highly secure storage facilities.

There are various reasons that have made us the best offsite records management in the Delhi NCR. We are always updated with the latest technology so that work is done in a time-effective and cost-effective way. From Artificial Intelligence to Cloud Computing, we provide all types of assistance to our clients. We have specialized customization for each sector like corporate, Audit & CA, Law Firm, and Healthcare & Hospitality, Oil Gas Energy, Financial Institutions, FMCG, and Telecom.

Dox and Box is the most simplified and innovative platform which will make your work uncomplicated and structure them in the best way possible.


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