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Records Management organizations work towards controlling and supervising your company's records, both digital and paper. Services under record management are the storage and maintenance of records and data. There are various benefits of working with a professional records management organization and the best ones are provided below in this blog.


One of the most important and prime benefits of records management is the elimination of space for physical records storage. More records you store, the more hassle you have to deal with while finding and sorting them and not to mention the added equipment and recreational spaces. . In short: if you want that pool table or office bar, consider leaving your document storage needs to the experts.


Managing comprehensive document storage takes requires thought, effort, and ongoing maintenance and a lot of time. Searching for individual records within this system when they’re lost or inadvertently destroyed can also represent a long-term operational challenge. Among the many benefits of having a professional records management is the sheer time, you’ll save by not having to worry about where certain documents are – with quick accessibility.

Simple retrieval and collection

Any good Records Management organization will make its primary goal to easily retrieve and collect documents. At Dox and Box, we use state of the art systems in conjunction with a bar-coding system – which provides quick access and retrieval options for our clients. Documents can be delivered within three hours of making a request if necessary.

Regulatory  compliance

It is very important to ensure full compliance with data retention and protection laws when managing records in-house. If you fail to provide essential documents during a regulatory check, you may have to pay a severe fine.

With Dox and Box records management services, you don't have to worry about compliance at all. Outsourcing your records management will take the burden of data and document retention, and you will be able to focus on your business

Data Protection

Apart from legal concerns, each business needs a proper process to protect important records as some documents and data are more confidential than others-  and some should only be accessed by authorized personnel.

Guaranteeing peace of mind

Records management companies maintain strict processes for storing client records safely and correctly in flood and fireproof facilities. If documents are especially sensitive, they can be hosted in locked data rooms that are under constant, 24/7 CCTV surveillance.


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